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Torn and Sital Sketch Dump by babybluedreams Torn and Sital Sketch Dump by babybluedreams
Well here is a sketch dump of some of my most recent doodles for Torn and Sital that I decided to share. My tablet was having a retard moment, so, I drew the numbers with the touch pad mouse. ^^;

1. This is a doodle of what I though Torn and Sital would look like at their wedding. I doodle this while listening to my youth pastor speak (it helps me to concentrate on what he is saying if I give my hands something to do) I've always wanted a dress like that!
2. This is a boy version of Sital, in his shirtless glory, being embarrassed. I originally was going to make this Torn to get some anatomy practice in, but then loved it as a boy Sital, so it stuck.
3. This is kind of like a dark Jak type thing except of Sital. She isn't actually evil, or "dark" persay, just enraged and screaming like a banshee.
4. This is Sital staring to an orb of awesomeness. I did this to practice on shading, which it is actually reverse shaded (light is dark, dark is light) I did this with the intention of doing painting and line art on the computer.
5. This is just an old doodle/line art of Sital and Leo in the desert, by some mountains. :dummy:
6. This is kind of like a Torn version of a picture of Jak I had seen before where he was crying in the rain. I really like this one and I think I may finish it.
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April 25, 2012
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