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❤ Jess ❤
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States

If you would like to talk to me at any time, follow me on twitter! @strawberryfoxes
I would love to talk to my deviantart friends!

Hey there! My is Jess! I'm an animation and game design student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville (or UAH)!

I love to make people laugh, and love to be as much help as I possibly can. If you ever need help with anything artistic, I am completely willing and would be thrilled to help. I love receiving comments and do my best to answer EVERY comment I get. I really appreciate all of the watches I have, and if you watch me, be prepared for a silly comment! :D

I do not usually do requests unless you are a VERY close friend of mine, but I will consider doing an art trade, but only if I know you unless under certain circumstances. :meow:

:heart: I draw what I love and what I see necessary, not what is popular. I believe in being creative and being true to myself, so what ever I am, my art will be too. :heart:

Friends in Real Life

The Boy I Can't Live Without

:heart: :iconsciencebro: :heart:


Stop by our live stream!

Hey guys, just thought I'd let you know that my team here is livestreaming Ludum Dare, which if we get a lot of views itll help us get on the frontpage and therefore get more playtests and what not, but if you don't mind, drop on by!


You can actually see me, I'm the one at the bottom left in a purple long sleeve shirt right now! I am currently working on enemy designs, but you can't really see what I'm doing :XD:
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Trio Sketch by babybluedreams
Trio Sketch
So, I've been trying to draw a picture to the song "Bang Bang" by Jessie J. but I can't seem to get anything that I like. I also wanted to feature the characters of two awesome gals that I've met here on deviantart:
Jennissy by JennissyCooper and Amy by Vixcoon

I'm not entirely happy with the way this is going, but I spent so long I still wanted to submit it. If I get good feed back, I might finish it, but who knows :XD:

Amy belongs to Vixcoon
Jennissy belongs to JennissyCooper
Abby belongs to me :meow:
In Love with an Angel by babybluedreams
In Love with an Angel
...I'm in love with an angel,
Heaven forbid...
I’d go to hell and back with you
Stay lost in what we found.
Worlds apart we were the same
Until we hit the ground...

Gideon thanked Dimitri for his help, in light of the recent break into his night club, Noir Chateau, and began walking down the dark narrow hallways towards the front entrance. As he approached the main exhibit hall, he heard a beautiful voice over the speaker system. The sound filled his ears and filled him with a warm feeling. He reached the door way and peered into the dark room. Upon the lit stage stood a beautiful fox, her glittering red dress nearly blinding him from the bright spotlight it reflected.
"Abby?" He spoke under his breath, "I didn't know you could sing..." He had seen Abby several times while at work, usually walking and talking with her cousin, Carmelita, about various cases, why she was out so late the night before, or how she "found" a famous piece of art that had been reportedly stolen by a crime lord and how she planned to return it to the museum. He didn't really know her very well, but he enjoyed seeing this side of her, glittering on the stage for future patrons of the night club.
As she finished her song, Dimitri rounded the corner and entered the stage area complimenting her performance, telling her to take a break until show time. She exited the stage with such grace, he stood and stared. As she passed him, she glanced at him and smiled. Gideon's heart fluttered.

So yeah, I did it! I present to you, my first Gideon and Abby picture, which I thought of while listening to the Theory of a Deadman song, Angel. I worked on an off for about the past 4 days I think on this, being as college keeps me busy. Please ignore the lackluster background.

Abby Louise Fox and Gideon Blair belong to me!
Gideon Blair by babybluedreams
Gideon Blair
FINALLY after multiple tries and much blood shed (metaphorically), I have designed Abby's new, and ORIGINAL love interest.
Please give a warm welcome to Gideon Blair! I just kind of threw this cruddy sketch together because I was so excited that I finally had something solid, and also because I needed to test his color scheme.

Name: Gideon Blair
Species: Panther
Age: 22
Occupation: Lab Technician and Researcher at the Criminal Analysis and Research department of the Paris Office of Interpol
Personality: Gideon is a very kind and caring guy. He is very quiet and tends to keep to himself most of the time. He is very dedicated to his work, often spending hours in the lab analyzing and researching various things. He is very smart, though he often doubts himself.
Gideon met Abby at work, being both of them work in some form for Interpol. After learning of her singing career, he would often attend her shows at the Noir Chateau, being sure not to let her see, considering his rather crippling shyness.

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